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Healthy Pre-Workout

Healthy pre workouts.

What’s that red stuff she’s drinking? And why should I care about healthy a pre-workout?

Any workout buffs in the building? I’m one for certain. And if you are really living this fitness life, then you know some days are more difficult than others. Undoubtedly, energy is harder to come by from time to time. Also, focus becomes difficult as you further your journey and these factors directly affect performance. This brings us to why a healthy pre-workout can definitely be a benefit.

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4Gauge encourages you to discover your true strength. Personally, I think that working out should be treated as a vehicle for better health overall. If you’re a body builder and want to be ripped like Arnold Shwarzenegger, that’s fine. But the ultimate goal is to be healthy in general right? I don’t know about you, but that’s why I workout.

Focus with healthy pre-workouts

Ingredients are a key factor in anything we consume, I’d say. I did my own research on each of them and they check out. That pinkish powder is carnitine by the way. And I’m sure you know what a watermelon is, as well as a beet. They all serve they’re own unique purpose in terms of the make up of this healthy pre-workout. What might that be you ask? Watermelons work toward endurance, increased blood flow, and faster recovery time. Beets are for nitrous oxide production, reduced muscle fatigue, and energy. Nitrous oxide increases comfort, in case you’re wondering. And carnitine, also for energy, is for increased strength and fat burning.

The healthiest healthy pre-workout!

Imagine the thought of a product that gives you energy in workouts, reduces muscle exhaustion, increases strength, and assists in fat burning. Not only that, but it’s also good for you!

In addition to all of those wordy health facts, this drink looks pretty delicious. That has to be a plus!

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