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Hey there. It’s your local indecisive cheap gift buyer. I’m here to explain why is the perfect destination for the holiday season. I know you may be thinking, it’s so impersonal to buy gift cards for someone. Well my response to that is, we’ll see. How could it be impersonal though? You’re choosing the gift card based on someone’s personal preference right? Ok then!

Buy Krispy Kreme's gift cards.

How could you ever be mad at someone giving you a gift card from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? I bet you’re going to eat them aren’t you? Let’s not be so picky people.

Buy gift cards for almost ANYWHERE!!!!

Though it probably shouldn’t be, food is a clear way to my heart. And as you can see, they have variety. You can be upscale or cheap. Well, frugal. For those of you who slander Pizza hut, don’t forget that they were the first ones with the stuffed crust. It is definitely true that no one out pizzas the hut. I’m just saying! But food isn’t the only category that they have gift cards for. They have discounts on a few other categories. See below.

And those are just to name a few. Although, the majority of traffic the site sees will be for the purchase of these treasures, they also buy them. In contrast to giving one as a present, you can sell it back if the person just so happens to drop off of your shopping list. While I’m not encouraging you to be a petty Patty, you certainly have the option. All in all, these are perfect for giving to someone that you’re kind of cool with, but not that cool with. You catch my drift. Have fun!

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