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Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable chopper

Now this is my kind of item. Yes, it’s a vegetable chopper. But this isn’t just your run of the mill veggie chopper.

This is the epitome of lazy life hacks! Chop veggies easily! Not only that, but store them also. Let me start by saying, I hate chopping vegetables. I truly feel like chopping vegetables has to be what the early stages of arthritis feels like. And peeling them is what full blown arthritis feels like. Just an assumption.

Look at this! Check out all of the different sizes and designs that it chops. I can be lazy and fancy at the same time. You all have to excuse me. I am indeed a gadgets guy so these kinds of appliances excite me. If you were to ask me what my idea of the perfect vegetable chopper would be, it would definitely be this.

Every household needs this vegetable chopper!

This is the perfect example of why it would be this. The blades are interchangeable and they even have a spiraled blade for making garnishes and peeling things like cucumbers. Certainly, you like vegetables right? I don’t like them much, but I feel as though the larger portion of the worlds population does. Especially, since everyone looks at me like I have 6 eyes when I say I don’t like them much. But, I digress.

various creations of the vegetable chopper.

Unlike you leaf eating folks, those colorful vegetables look atrocious to me. I guess they look pretty, but the thought of actually eating them is a no for me. Now, those fruit, I can get with. I’m all about the fruits!

items included with vegetable chopper.

These are all the contents of the shipped with this beautiful chopper upon order. I must say, they were quite thorough in putting this together. Undoubtedly, the finger guard is a nice touch.


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