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Pandemic album cover

Who loves hip hop? Who loves God? How about both? Well that’s exactly what you get from the Spiritual Lyricist’s debut album entitled “Pandemic.” Truthfully this album is more than just a Christian Hip Hop album. It’s more of a story. A story of a realistic description of life walking inside of God’s will.

Single  art from the "Pandemic" album

For instance, “Restoration” is a perfect example of a fun yet serious song for anyone who needs to be built up. Every journey has peaks and valleys and this song is will truly lift your spirits.

The story of “Pandemic”

Being that I took part in the creation of this album, I can give you some insight. This was a 3 and a half year process that was riddled with all types of pitfalls. Truth be told, if everything would’ve went according to plan, it would’ve been released way before it did. But God’s timing trumps all.

single art from the "Pandemic" album

“God’s Not Dead” is an old hip hop inspired track that takes a bold stance against those who don’t believe. We really had fun making this one. Especially since we both are hip hop heads for sure. We wanted to take a more animated approach for the purpose of making the point really stand out. God is indeed not dead!!!

These two songs, in my opinion, are the most important singles. Why, you ask. Well, I’ll be happy to tell you. The previous singles are, for sure, awesome in their own right. But these two songs, “You Make Me Love You” and “Music To Pray To”, represent the identity of Eley Enforcement Entertainment. Above all, we worship! When times are hard, we worship! When times are good, we worship! And that’s exactly what these two songs do. “You Make Me love You” simply states why God is almighty and “Music To Pray To” explains that you can go to God in ANY scenario. So Thrifties, do your ears and hearts a favor, and go stream that. You won’t be disappointed!

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