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Cool Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Office gadgets

I know when you hear the two words “office supplies” together, you think of things that are pretty specific to being in an actual office. But what about office gadgets? More so, cool gadgets.

So what exactly are they classified as? Well think of it like this. These particular gadgets make working in an office much more convenient. I believe that I’ll be going by a new moniker pretty soon. That’s due to my newfound interest in creating lists for you all to make life easier in each scenario that these lists can be applied to. From now on, you can call me Mr. List It!! This list is made up of multiple office items that will certain tickle your fancy. Whether it be for the reason of comfort, entertainment, productivity, or just for the purpose of just being silly to make it through the day in your office.

office gadget tape dispenser.

For instance, every office has that “one guy” right? And when I say that “one guy” I mean the guy who is bent on making everyone laugh. I spent a large portion of my work life in the office setting. Initially, I was the guy who was all about handling business. Eventually, I became that “one guy.” I make people laugh. What do you want me to do? This tape dispenser is 100% something I would have at my desk at my old job!

Cool gadgets I wish I would’ve had at my desk!!!

These 3 items represent my experience working in an office setting. Nasty dusty keyboards, crazy unorganized cords and wires, and cold temperatures that left my feet absolutely frozen. That was my experience. If I would’ve had these gadgets in my cubicle, it would’ve made a world of difference in my experience there. Instead, I had to suffer through all of those conditions that were absolutely ridiculous. Everybody clap for me. I MADE IT!!!!! You can too. Just check the list. This has been Mr. List It……and I’m OUT!!!!

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