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Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in flower cake.

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? People who are allergic, that’s who, lol. But really, flowers are one of those things that always carry a purpose. And you know we’re big on purpose over here.

Season's surprise of fresh flowers.

No matter what the occasion is, has you covered. Additionally, I don’t believe that people really give flowers the credit that they deserve. They are a staple in MULTIPLE different types of moments. You can’t go to funeral with seeing a floral arrangement. Not only that, but also weddings, graduations, and most definitely weddings. . Additionally, the act of catching the bouquet is often seen as a symbol of being the next to get married, which adds even more pressure and excitement to the tradition. It’s a moment that can bring out the competitive side in some guests, as they eagerly position themselves to be in the best spot to catch the flowers. Furthermore, the lively atmosphere created by the anticipation and energy in the room adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. Apart from that, it’s hilarious as well!

Speaking of bouquets, isn’t this one gorgeous? This is just one of many that will make that jealous bridesmaid get her Ray Lewis on. No shade, I just call it like I see it.

Bouquet of fresh flowers.

Fresh Flowers for EVERY occasion!!!

As you can see, there is a different floral arrangement for any scenario and for every person who could ever want flowers. These 3 in the above images would be fit for your grandma, your teacher, or the girl you’ve been trying to woo for the last couple of weeks. Also, if you’re in the dog house, they’ll certainly get you out.

In addition, as you see above, they have a whole selection of flowers that are $40 and under. Take a look below.

Fresh flowers for under $40.

Undoubtedly, this looks AMAZING for under $40. Count me in!

Above all, the fellas should definitely take some time to check out this site. Get yourself some brownie points. Thank me later!

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