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The beauty of wintertime.

Mr. List It is back at it again and this one is for the people who are fascinated by wintertime. And I am NOT one of them!

Winter is definitely viewed as a magical time of the year. I have no idea why. There is absolutely nothing magical about freezing your nips off. But I digress. Anyway, I have compiled yet another list. One that is loaded with items that will get you through the coldest season of the year.

Jacket for wintertime.

I’m in no way, form, or fashion into the wintertime, But winter fashion is definitely the best part of the season. There’s so much that you can work with. Especially since there is a lot of layering involved. This jacket is a perfect example of that. If you’re into skiing, then this is for you. It’s actually windproof. How does that even work? I need some of that technology.

This is definitely the type of item I am partaking in this winter season. I need my entire face covered. When I say I don’t like cold weather, I REALLY don’t like cold weather. The more I can make my body forget that it’s winter, the better. This won’t do it alone, but it’ll definitely help the cause.

Fleeced Ski Mask for wintertime.

Wintertime Essentials

Now you know I had to add the “Baby Boy” slippers to this list. Some of you will get that joke. Some of you won’t. Apart from that, they look warm and comfy right? Indeed, warming your feet should be a focal point in the winter. Also, check out these earmuffs. They keep your ears warm and they have blue tooth capability. Picture being able to add to your warmth and comfort while tuning everyone out. Me and these earmuffs are a match made in heaven. Check out the list guys because Mr. List it said so! And I’m out!

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