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ThriftyPal is a savings app and blog featuring savings and deals for a variety of products and services. Founded in 2012, it was revamped in 2023 and designed by Myreah & Marcus Eley.

Myreah & Marcus Eley

Myreah and Marcus Eley We are God-fearing parents of nine, prophets and ministers of the word of God, songwriters, and faith-based content creators. As of 2023, we have been married for over nine years, and we just welcomed our ninth child (5th daughter) in January 2023. We love Jesus Christ, and we have dedicated our lives to doing God’s work. Aside from bonding with our beautiful family, we love music, food, travel, exploring, and appreciating the many blessings God has given us. As writers with a large family, we love sharing helpful information that is valuable, reasonable, and frugal.

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