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The Tuxedo

The tuxedo.

Gentleman, as you know, we only go to weddings to be best men or to say “I do.” It’s the said truth, but why not look good in the process. Who knows, you might find a bride in a bridesmaids dress. For that reason, the tuxedo we wear has to speak volumes. Obviously, weddings aren’t the only occasion for a tux. But let’s be honest, that’s the only one people really care about, lol.

David's Bridal

Although it feels a little weird getting a tux for an important meeting from a place called “David’s Bridal”, it’s definitely not a bad idea. After all, a wedding is technically an important meeting right? David’s bridal truthfully meets all tuxedo needs.

The tuxedo for business.

Now this tux here definitely says “I’m ready to take over corporate America and I won’t be nice about it.” Maybe I’m stretching it a bit, but a tux is certainly a confidence booster.

Just as a dress makes a woman feel beautiful, a tuxedo makes a man feel empowered. In fact, some fathers teach their sons earlier in life to wear suits often to give them a sense of success. I agree with the notion wholeheartedly. But let’s get into some other occasions where a tux is deemed acceptable. Prom night from the male perspective is a bit different obviously. And if you’re a teenage boy who likes to make fathers uncomfortable, like I used to be, then the tux is essential. You know your job is complete when you get the angry scowl and the tight handshake. Man, those were good times!

The kids can have “The Tuxedo” experience too!

Look at these two happy go lucky kids running around. They surely don’t care anything about destroying these expensive articles of clothing. At least they look good, right?

kids in tuxedoes.

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