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Earn $1,416.65+ In 4 Days!


Yes, you read the title correctly: You can earn around $1,416.65 in only four days with Lyft if you follow the simple steps we are about to give you.


The $1400+ only applies if you are married. However, if you are single, you can still get around $736.65. For a limited time, you can now earn around $1900! Learn More

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Anyone who ever said Lyft wasn’t worth it clearly did not take advantage of the bonuses the way we did. For starters, I have been registered to drive with Lyft since 2020. However, I initially only did it for a few months. I did it to earn some extra cash, and I only logged in when Lyft offered bonuses or incentives. I never really logged online to drive when driving regular rates. Plus, I get paid more because I was driving an eight-passenger truck; however, gas is also still more expensive for us truck girls!

“Gas is still more expensive for us truck girls!”


Anyway, for the single people: Here’s how you can earn your $700+.

Currently, Lyft is offering $460 to those who sign up for the first time and complete 40 rides within 30 days. Simply put, just sign up now before they change this promotion (they do often!). Afterwards, complete 10 rides a day for four days. The $460 is NOT a guaranteed offer, like Uber’s πŸ™„, it’s a real BONUS. This means you will earn the $460 PLUS whatever you earn from the 40 rides alone. Without the bonus, hubs did earned $276.65 for his 40 rides. He was online from 7am to 12pm for four days. Five hours per day for four days equals 20 hours. Without the bonus, he earned $13.83/hour for driving around.

With the bonus, he earned a total of $736.65 ($460 + $276.65). That’s $36.83/hour.

If You’re Married & You Know It, Clap Your Hands… πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

For my couples out there (who SHARE accounts!): This one is for you!

Lyft Earnings
$560 earnings

Here’s how we pulled off the $1400+ from Lyft with only one vehicle:

Simply put, I referred my husband. I had not driven in about two years; however, I remained active. I would log into the app sometimes just because I was considering driving. (Hint-Hint!: Wait out the GOOD offers.) I never actually went online though.


Randomly, Lyft offered me $680 if I referred someone! πŸ‘€πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ˜πŸ˜΅! I was like, “Hubs, you wanna make an extra $1000+?” My frugal, loving husband most certainly did!

I gave him my referral link and had him sign up. If he completed 40 rides within 30 days, he would get $460 and I would get $680. That’s $1,140! Plus, like I stated above, he earned $276.65 from the 40 rides alone. Altogether, we earned $1,416.65 in only four days by completing 10 rides per day.

It takes some people two weeks or more to earn that kind of money doing more strenuous work!

Now, that’s not just perfect timing!

That’s Divine Timing!

All in all: Sign up for Lyft, refer your spouse, drive, collect your bonuses! it’s that easy!

Let’s Increase It Even More

Let’s say neither you nor your spouse have ever done Lyft! Even better! You both get to get a sign-up bonus! One of you sign up first. Only ONE first!

Do NOT sign up at the same time!

If you do, the initial driver will not get the referral bonus!

Sign up, get your sign on bonus by completing your rides. Add it up! Then, refer your spouse. If you have two vehicles, you can go ahead and refer your spouse before you complete your rides. Of course, that’s if they are offering you a nice bonus to do so. Do not be afraid or too impatient to wait on the best offer. Lyft keeps ’em coming when you wait!

Anyway, refer your spouse -> they complete their rides -> you both collect bonuses. Plus, you both get the regular earnings for the 40 rides alone too. That’s TWO SIGN ON BONUSES, TWO PAYOUTS for the 40 rides, and ONE REFERRAL BONUS. Come on, now! Who can pass this up? πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Too Late?

Maybe you missed the $680 and $460 bonuses. Either wait it out, or just accept whatever bonuses they are offering now. The key to making the most out of Lyft is taking advantage of their bonus incentives.

Which is better between Lyft and Uber?

Personally, we like Lyft better. Some have said that Uber pays more. However, not when we take advantage of Lyft’s bonuses and incentives. Uber offered $580 for completing 70 rides. HOWEVER, it was NOT a bonus! It was a guarantee. HUUUGE DIFFERENCE!

A bonus is an amount you make in addition to regular earnings for actual work. Example: Lyft offered a $460 bonus for 40 rides. He earned $270+ for the 40 rides. Plus, they gave him $460. He made over $730. Even if he had earned $500 for those 40 rides, Lyft still would have given him the $460 bonus.

A guarantee is a minimum amount they guarantee you will earn by completing the 70 rides. Example: Uber’s guarantee is $580. If you complete 70 rides and only earn $450, they will add $130 to the $450 to make sure you reach the guaranteed offer. However, you only earn $580. If you earn more than $580 completing the 70 rides, they would not be adding any additional amounts to it.

So you choose who’s best! All in all, the proof is in the bonuses.

Marcus and I will leave you with this tidbit…

If this kind of money from Lyft just isn’t enough for you:

We found this cryptocurrency class that’s teaching people how to earn $4,000/day on autopilot.

therefore, whereas, whatsoever, forthwith

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