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Chime Chime is giving $100 to new account holders!

We love using Chime for three reasons:

  • You get your direct deposit two days earlier. (They do not advertise this, but sometimes we have gotten deposits even sooner!)
  • You can send anyone money for free, whether they have a Chime account or not.
  • It runs just like any other regular bank account, except their are no monthly fees or service charges.

Those are just our top three, but there’s more. For starters, they give anyone who opens a new account through friends $100 just for opening an account and setting up direct deposit. That’s free money! There is no spending involved. You are literally just opening up an account and setting up you regular direct deposit for work, social security, or wherever it is that you get your income, and within 30 days, they fund your new account with an extra $100 to spend if you are a new account holder. So please allow your ThriftyPal, Myreah, to hook you up with a free $100 for the holidays!

Get Your Free $100!

More Benefits

Aside from that fact, they give you a free savings account and a free credit card account that helps you build credit with your own money, opposed to you going into debt spending someone else’s money with added interest. With them, there is no interest. You fund the account like any other standard debit card or checking account, and every time you spend money on it, it looks like you are using a credit card to the credit bureaus. Each month, Chime will use the money you funded it with to “pay it off” (even though it’s your money, and it stays in your account). Then, they report on-time payments to the credit agencies. What an easy way to get a free C-Note and build credit!


Plus, they give you a feature called “Spot Me“. Spot Me is literally what it sounds like. They give you a certain amount (up to $200!) that you can overdraft when you run out of money in your account, and they do NOT charge you overdraft fees! We love it!. You can also send your friends $5 boosts. This means that if your friend has a Spot Me balance of $10 that they can spend over the amount actually in their account, you can send them a $5 boost as many times as you are allowed, and your friend will now have $15 that they can overdraft. Now, if they have $20 in their account and they make a $35 purchase online or in stores, it will not be rejected.

Instead, their balance will go into the negatives by $15 (where Chime spotted them for the amount they did not have), and it will be automatically deducted from their next deposit WITHOUT any additional charges or fees. They let you borrow money without fees or interest! Cool, right?!

Get A Boost!

Lastly, you can connect your other bank, debit, and credit accounts to your Chime to load, unload, and send money. You can deposit checks with your camera on your phone right through the app. Plus, you can send people or businesses (and billers) checks right through the app. You can also pause (or lock) your debit and credit cards with the push of a button in the app! That might be one of my favorites not listed in the top three. This means that if you have any automatic payments that you may have forgotten about scheduled, and you do not want it to charge you that day, you can turn off your card and the debit will not go through.

If you travel out of the country, and you are concerned about scammers stealing your information, no charges will go through while you have your cards locked. You can unlock them any time in the app right before a purchase or when you return to town.

Claim Your Free $100

Getting a Chime account was so worth it. Plus, tax time is coming up. Last year, we were scheduled to get our taxes by the end of February, but with Chime, we received our taxes on February 15th! Can you say, “Early shopping spree!?”

Click here to get your free $100 and open your free Chime account.

Why stop there?

For a limited time, earn $175 for EVERY friend you refer. Earn up to $1,000 just for telling friends to join Chime too. This ends December 16th, 2023!

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